Born in Long Beach, CA, Nyisha LaFaye is an entertainer and performer based in Las Vegas, NV. Most notably, she performed at the 2019 Billboard Awards with the Pop Icon Mariah Carey with the David  Blakely Production Choir. Her style is a blend of soul, country, and contemporary pop music. She performs Top 40 covers, jazz, neo-soul, and gospel. She's been featured with the San Francisco Gospel University Choir, and has performed on several stages all across America. Performing for both intimate audiences and large crowds, Nyisha is sure to please. Her main influences are Chis Stapelton, India Arie, the Clark Sisters, and Stevie Nicks for their musicianship and originality. Her passion for music shows in each song she sings and she's ready to share her heart with the world.
"Music is what I love to do, it's who I am. It's how I express my soul."